HOMELESS, NOT LESS

 Lynn Shelter Association (LSA) provides shelter and support services to homeless individuals and families in the Greater Lynn area, fostering their self-sufficiency and a return to an  independent life.

It is our goal to offer programs that support the diverse needs of our clients in a respectful, comprehensive, and cohesive way;  to develop and maintain housing, administrative, and income generating properties and facilities that support our mission and enhances our financial stability ; to  be a community asset;  to build strong community ties and collaborations.

LSA is client centered in all areas and commits to provide equal access to services; to empower and educate our clients in their service choices; to diligently protect our clients' right to confidentiality; to integrate case management, harm reduction and quality assurance in all services; to educate clients, communities, and other parties and agencies about our services and the issue of homelessness in Massachusetts; to support the highest level of professionalism in all staff through ongoing education and supervision; to strive for diversity throughout the agency; to build stronger and beneficial  collaborations with clients, organizations, service agencies and the city of Lynn.

We have constructed a continuum of care that carries clients from emergency shelter to independent living (please see program section) with a strong focus on risk reduction and skills training.  Finding housing is only one part of solving homelessness—if you don’t have the skills for a job that pays a decent wage that can support your family and pay the rent, the cycle will continue. We hope to break that cycle and ensure that once our clients find a home, they keep that home.

Housing Opportunities Management Enterprises (HOME)
is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Lynn Shelter Association.  HOME’s primary function and mission is to provide affordable housing to those in need and to support the continuum of care of LSA.

The Board of Directors for HOME and LSA work diligently to assure that as our homeless clients strive for a return to independence, they are supported with case management services and housing opportunities.  A family that needs emergency sheltering may also need job skills training, parenting classes, medical and mental heath assessment and treatment. Please, join us in our efforts to ensure that no one in our community, our neighborhood has to be without shelter, without services, without a helping hand and without hope.

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