“Frank first learned of LSA at a United Way of Massachusetts Bay & Merrimack Valley Board Connection event in May 2017 and felt compelled to take action. “I met with Mark and heard the story of LSA, its Housing First philosophy, and the transformative journey that is being under taken by the board, and it seemed like a great time to get involved.” He soon joined LSA’s Board of Directors and has since become an active supporter. As he became more engaged with the organization, his perspective on homelessness changed and he gained “a better appreciation of the fundamental importance of housing to the well-being of individuals.” As for LSA’s impact, Frank believes the organization is a “stabilizing force for homeless and at-risk individuals [and families]” and is hopeful for LSA’s future impact on its community and even the country. Frank counts “getting to know the staff and fellow board members” who he believes “are truly dedicated to the fulfillment of LSA’s mission” as the most enjoyable part of his experience as a volunteer so far.

We are thrilled to have Frank as a donor and overall supporter of the important work here at Lynn Shelter Association!”

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Kelly GauleComment