LSA Launches Creativity Collaborative Initiative - Meet Cheri!


The purpose for the new LSA Creativity Collaborative initiative is to empower our clients who are interested in entrepreneurial endeavors. This initiative, that evolves from a crafts workshop for our clients in 2016, gives them an opportunity to learn a skill, utilize it and potentially create a business. It will also empower those who are currently running their own businesses by connecting them with potential buyers and providing training from local entrepreneurs.


Cheri found LSA’s emergency shelter in December of 2017 after her divorce led to her experiencing homelessness for the first time. An avid jewelry maker, she has been designing beautiful pieces for over four years. She first became interested in crafts while attending jewelry trunk shows where she marveled at the finished products and wanted to learn more about the process. Cheri enjoys the jewelry making process, noting that it is “fun and a lot of work.” When asked about the challenges she has faced attempting to run a business while dealing with the realities of being homeless, she says, “there is no place to really sell and showcase.” Cheri is hopeful for the future and believes LSA’s Creativity Collaborative initiative will help “get [her] name out there and also [help get her] business going.” As for future goals, she wants to get her own place and possibly even a store in the future.

If you are interested in purchasing a piece of jewelry or to see additional samples, please contact Cheri (contact information listed below).

For more information about the Creativity Collaborative, please contact LSA’s development department at

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