Creativity Collaborative: Jewelry Making Workshop Launches at LSA

On June 4, LSA clients gathered for the first time to attend our jewelry-making workshop. Students were eager to learn the techniques behind the craft and the instructor, Kirsten - who has been creating jewelry for over two decades, was excited to share her knowledge. In the midst of making beautiful jewelry, stories were told while laughs and smiles were exchanged.

For just a few moments, for those experiencing homelessness, things were simpler. Below are a few examples of the hand-made jewelry that has been crafted by our clients. At the end of the class, the students will craft a final project. Those final projects and any other special piece they would like to include will be on display at the first LSA trunk show later this summer. We’ll share about the show as the time gets nearer. For now, join us in celebrating the amazing work these women have done with just a few hours of instruction.

Kelly GauleComment