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Welcome to the new and improved Lynn Shelter Association (LSA) website! We are excited to provide more information about what we do, who we serve and how you can get involved. We are aware that there are several different groups of people who may visit our website and we want to ensure that everyone can easily find what they may deem the most pertinent information. Whether you are a client seeking shelter information, an organization interested in collaborating, a group interested in volunteering, a funder or a donor looking for more information about what we do and how we do it – we’re hoping this new website will provide some answers.

To help you explore the new website, we’re including a summary of the new features below.

Colors – We’ve selected a number of colors that we believe reflect our mission to empower and support our most vulnerable community members who are experiencing homelessness. Since the color for homelessness is purple, you will notice that our website is filled with different hues of purple and blue. These warm and inviting colors are emblematic of the ways in which we strive to interact with those we serve.

Photos – One of the most noticeable differences between the old and new website is the use of photography. These photos are a great way for us to showcase our clients, staff and facilities.

Blog – We recently launched the LSA blog and will continue to post thought-provoking pieces from our Executive Director, Mark Evans and other program staff, guest bloggers who are subject-matter experts and any new updates that we think you should know.

E-newsletter - We recognize the importance of keeping our supporters in the loop. That's why we've decided to send consistent news updates directly to your inbox! No worries, these will only be sent periodically and will serve as a reminder of how much we are able to accomplish due to support from people like you. If you would like to get our e-newsletter sent directly to your inbox, sign up here!

Events section – We are excited to expand the events section to include more information about sponsorship opportunities, ticket purchases and more!

Last, but certainly not least – We have made an effort to share our new focus on the Housing First model. We are committed to this proven method and we look forward to building an even stronger Housing First program at the LSA.

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