Sobeida Feliz, Case Manager, Bridge House Family Shelter

Sobeida Feliz, Case Manager, Bridge House Family Shelter

Working in a homeless shelter is not easy. Our dedicated and compassionate staff work tirelessly to ensure that our guests are cared for during their stay while also ensuring protocols and best practices are followed. They offer or provide access to housing and job search assistance, childcare, on-site case management, transportation and mental health and medical triage. In difficult situations they go above and beyond to ensure the safety of all involved. They set rules for our clients to follow and offer assistance and directives when those rules are broken.

When unfortunate events happen at a shelter, our staff always handle them with great care, sensitivity and expertise. That is why we continue to be proud of our shelter staff and the choices they make during challenging circumstances. Today, we would like to acknowledge the unsung heroes of Lynn Shelter Association (LSA). The people who seldom get acknowledged for the work they do on a daily basis.

Please join us in thanking the amazing shelter staff at LSA for their commitment to our clients and to our mission to end homelessness.

Kelly Gaule