Family Shelter

Our three family shelters include Bridge House, Green House and Independence House, serving a total of 64 homeless families.

Bridge House was our first family shelter, followed by Green House and Independence House. All three family shelters are supported by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development. Families are referred to shelter by the Department of Transitional Assistance.

All shelters are open 24/7/365. Each family has their own room with their own key and their own small refrigerator and food cabinet. LSA provides families with three meals a day and a safe, nurturing environment.

On-site case management and direct care staff provide benefits maximization, housing and job search assistance, childcare, transportation, medical and mental health care assessments, parenting skills training, and access to developmental play three times per week for our children, as well as special holiday gatherings and celebrations to make the experience of family homelessness just a bit easier. All shelters have backyard space for playing or access to a nearby playground, indoor playrooms, large kitchens and congregate dining areas. 

It isn’t easy being homeless. Most of the parents are suffering from some degree of trauma and the children are anxious. The job of rebuilding lives takes time and congregate housing offers the best possible foundation to achieve long-term, sustainable housing.