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LYNN — The Lynn Shelter Association, which assists and enriches the lives of more than 1,000 homeless individuals each year, is re-energized these days. Its shift to a “housing first” model has resulted in 67 families being placed into safe and stable homes, up from 44 a year ago.

“We are so happy every time we hand over the keys to a person or family who were at their lowest point, who addressed the challenges they were struggling with and come through to the other side and obtain stable housing,” said Mark Evans, who joined the organization as executive director in August 2016.

“We are a vital and valid part of this community,” added Evans. “In the last year we’ve received incredible support from city hall, other agencies, everybody. Collaborating with various other agencies has made a big difference, with us all working together to best serve our clients. It makes all of our goals more attainable. Our staff of about 60 works incredibly hard, and our volunteers and board of directors are energetic and excellent.”

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