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LYNN – Lynn Shelter Association (LSA) was recently awarded a three-year grant totaling $75,000 from the Peter and Elizabeth Tower Foundation to serve homeless young adults struggling with substance use disorders.

Of the 1,000 plus homeless clients that LSA serves each year, between 25-40% (across all programs and services) are between the ages of 18-26 and of those, the majority suffer from some kind of substance use disorder. Because the majority of the individual young adult homeless population that LSA serves at the emergency shelter suffers from some sort of substance use disorder, funds from the grant will be used to hire a lead recovery coach case manager. The case manager will develop stronger and more effective internal capacity to support their specialized needs, ensure that they have access to the resources they need for treatment and recovery, match them with the most appropriate and effective services, and ultimately find success, stability and self-sufficiency in permanent housing.

“This grant, will give us the capacity to provide more effective supports and services to address the specific needs of our young homeless clients who struggle with substance use disorders as well as more deeply engage them, making it more likely that they will take advantage of supportive services and achieve success,” says Mark Evans, LSA Executive Director.

The grant will also make it possible for LSA to connect with other community organizations, including Lynn Community Health Center, The Eliot Community Human Services as well as the Lynn Police Department who all have outpatient substance and recovery programs. This funding will give LSA the capacity to better connect and coordinate with those organizations, and make sure that their homeless clients can and do access the supports they provide.

About Lynn Shelter Association The Lynn Shelter Association (LSA) believes every person deserves a place to call home. Our mission is to provide a safe environment for each individual to define and pursue their goals for independence and self-sufficiency. We provide shelter, supportive services, housings solutions and access to a continuum of community supports to individuals and families at risk for and experiencing homelessness. We serve over 1,000 individuals and families each year, including parenting youth (young adults ages 18-24 with children), children birth to 17, veterans, immigrants and refugees, individuals living with HIV/AIDS, and the chronically homeless.

About The Peter and Elizabeth Tower Foundation The Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation supports community programming that results in children, adolescents, and young adults affected by intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, mental illness, and substance use disorders achieving their full potential. The Foundation is dedicated to societal impact through healthy communities and capacity building. We work diligently to foster a sense of empowerment and an environment of collaboration.


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