We work alongside individuals and families to create a supportive environment- by listening and building relationships- empowering them to define and pursue their goal. LSA Provides shelter, supportive services, housings solutions and access to a continuum of community supports to individuals and families experiencing homelessness and those at risk.


    Incorporated in 1984, Lynn Shelter Association (LSA) has developed shelter programs, case-management services and housing opportunities for homeless individuals and families throughout the North Shore of Boston. During our 32 years of taking care of homeless people, our mission has remained focused on providing care, compassion and tools to help our guests open the door to a home of their own. We are committed to ensuring access to our services and to educating the community about our programs and the impact of homelessness in our society. 

    LSA’s services are free to our guests. We provide shelter and care to approximately 800 individuals and 120 homeless families each year. Our Adult Emergency Shelter serves 600 people annually, with 44 beds available year round. During the winter season, when more people seek shelter with us, we offer additional sleeping space on mats. 


    We offer emergency shelter, high quality services and a continuum of care that leads to permanent, sustainable housing as clients transition back into the workforce and independent life. All Lynn Shelter Association clients have access to case management, with referrals to community resources for housing advocacy, benefits maximization, assistance with job and housing searches and other services. On site, we provide mental health assessments and counseling, as well as substance abuse counseling. We facilitate access to detox and treatment of mental and physical illnesses when indicated by partnering with other caring organizations and providers.

    With over 30 years of experience serving the homeless in Lynn and surrounding communities, Lynn Shelter Association is a vibrant, financially-sound agency positioned to adapt, change and evolve our services as needs change among people experiencing homelessness.

    Our primary funding sources are:

    • Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development
    • Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance
    • Lynn Housing Authority and Neighborhood Community Development
    • City of Lynn
    • Private Foundations
    • Individual Donors
    • Corporations

    Since 1984, Lynn Shelter Association has grown to meet the changing needs of people experiencing homelessness on the North Shore of Boston:

    • In 1985, Lynn Shelter Association opened its first adult shelter consisting of six beds in the basement of St. Stephen’s Church in Lynn. The shelter was a grassroots response to the growing number of people facing homelessness in the community.

    • In 1988, the adult emergency shelter opened at 100 Willow Street, offering 40 beds for adults experiencing homelessness.

    • In the mid-1990s, Lynn Shelter Association purchased buildings at 89-103 Liberty Street in Lynn across from the Lynn Multiservice Center and established Housing Opportunities Management Enterprises (HOME), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lynn Shelter Association that provides below-market rentals. 

    • Our first family shelter, The Bridge House, opened in 1988 in a Victorian house on Baker Street in Lynn.

    • The Shelter + Care Program for individuals committed to moving beyond shelter life towards self-sufficiency was established in 2001 at 103 Liberty Street in collaboration with Lynn Housing Authority.

    • Great Hill Programs for Veterans and the chronically homeless and disabled came under the aegis of Lynn Shelter Association in 2007 and has thrived ever since. 

    • The Inn Progression Program was developed as a short-term link to services and transitional housing, then rearticulated as a permanent housing initiative in 2013 funded by Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance.

    • Green House Family Shelter opened in 2014, housing 20 families and helping parents and children move towards housing and self-sufficiency.

    • Renovation of apartments at 89 Liberty Street resulted in five Shelter + Care apartments for families and five Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program apartments. Two apartments remain available at below-market rate rent.

    • In 2015, Lynn Shelter Association opened its third family shelter, known as Independence House, a 32-unit congregate setting located on Western Avenue.

    We offer emergency shelter through to permanent housing as clients transition back into the work force and an independent life. All LSA clients have access to case management, housing advocacy, job training and placement services, adult basic education classes, mental health assessment and ongoing counseling, substance abuse counseling and access to detox and treatment, as well as assisted access to all state and federal benefits due them.

    With over 30 years of experience in serving the homeless in Lynn and surrounding communities, LSA is a financially-stable agency with committed public funding. We are not a place to come for a hand-out, but if you need a hand up, we’re here.