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There are a number of ways to contribute to the important work that the LSA does.
We welcome individuals, families, faith communities or businesses looking to lend a hand.



Start a Passion Project. Artists, creatives or subject-matter experts who may be interested in using their skills to capture the stories of our clients, lead a workshop or assist the organization in its mission to end homelessness in any way are welcome. For more information, contact Raysa Alvarez at or (781) 581-0739 x117.



Run, walk and raise funds. If you are looking for a worthy cause to represent in a marathon, walkathon, etc., we hope you consider LSA. You can also raise funds for LSA’s mission by coordinating a casual day at your office where those who participate will make a donation to the organization.

Supervised Play time for children. It’s rewarding for both our volunteers and our children when a group of community members provide supervised play times for the homeless children who reside in our shelters so parents/caregivers can participate in enrichment activities or simply take a break. If your group is large enough, volunteers would be split between all three shelters, each of which has a fully-equipped playroom. 

Special Projects. Groups are encouraged to interact with our clients through leading workshops, helping us clean up, paint, or organize a holiday gathering within one of the shelters. For more information on how you can help, contact Raysa Alvarez at or (781) 581-0739 x117.


Sunday Dinners

Though clients living in our shelters are offered three meals each day, it is always a welcomed treat when they’re able to enjoy a home cooked meal - especially one from our supporters. For individuals or groups interested in preparing meals for our shelter clients, LSA offers a bi-monthly opportunity to feed those experiencing homelessness. The dinners are typically on Sunday and can be served anywhere between 4-6pm. This opportunity is open to both individuals and groups!

The schedule for the remainder of 2019 is as follows:
The months of July through December 2019

For more information, please contact Raysa Alvarez at or (781) 581-0739 x117.


Welcome Home Program

The Welcome Home (WHP) volunteer program aims to make the transition back into permanent housing as smooth as possible. WHP connects volunteers with new tenants by offering volunteers the opportunity to provide personalized housewarming gifts along with useful household supplies and décor to our new tenants. Individuals who qualify for this program are new tenants in housing units called Single Room Occupancy (SRO). In an SRO, individuals reside in a single room and have use of a shared bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Welcome Home is important because new tenants often lack the resources to purchase general household items. Further, these rooms can be sparse, and homeless individuals frequently lack the space or security to collect many personal items, which could be used to decorate their new room. Volunteers also have the opportunity to work with tenants as they decorate the new room and can also meet with our new tenants when they deliver the warm welcome home basket. 

For more information, please contact Raysa Alvarez at or 781-581-0739 x 117.

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Thank you for considering sharing your time with Lynn Shelter Association as a member of our volunteer team. Please fill out the form below, or feel free to contact us directly to get started at

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